General Fishing Rules

Fishingregulations in Hemsedal

 1. The fishing season lasts from 1. June until 20. September. (Seasonstart 2010 is 29.may)

2. There is a minimum measure for trout of 25 cm.

3. The licence is personal and must be carried with you at all times while fishing. Fishing is only allowed with one rod per licence, and one licence per person.

4. Children under 16 years fish for free, and with the fishing tackle they desire, but they must adhere to the prevailing fishing licence rules.

5. The following combinations of hooks and lines are legal: Alternative a) One triple hook b) One double hook and one single hook c) Three single hooks. Standing lines, line fishing, otter fishing, net fishing, fishing with live bait and all types of boat fishing is forbidden.

6. Catches/fishing bag and fishing licence must be shown upon request of the fishing inspector. Failure to comply this can result in dismissal. Violations of the rules can result in announcement, confiscation of equipment and a fine of NOK 2500.–.

7. Fish that bleed excessively must be killed. If fish must be put back in the water, one should use hookloosening pliers. It is important to moist your hands before touching the fish.


The licence is valid from 8:00 AM to midnight. Fishing out of these hours is not allowed. Every fisherman can kill a maximum of 2 fish per fishingday. When 2 fish are killed,fishing must be stopped until the following day.


1. It is only allowed to fish With flies, but also with fly and floater. Max. 3 flies on one line, alterntivly: 1 double hook and 1 single hook, or 3 single hooks. Max hook size nr.10.

2. It is prohibited to kill fish over 38 cm length. Every fisherman can kill one fish per fishingday (8 AM to midnight)between 33 and 38 cm. When one fish is killed, fishing must be stopped until the following day.

3. Only barbless or debarb hooks ar allowed. You must use a knotfree net in the fly fishing zone.

4. When wading, consideration must be taken to the river’s bottom vegetation and to other fisherman. It’s not allowed to wade or cross the river at conserved areas.

5. It’s not allowed to fish with worm or spinner in the fly fishing zone. For children under 16 years it`s not allowed after 20. of august. Organised fishingactivity for childran under 16 years is not allowed with worm or spinner in the fly fishing zone.

Do not use live fish as bait. Do not move live fish to another watercourse. To avoid spreading live organisms and diseases, dry off your fishing tackle, boots and waders before moving to another lake.

For additional information contact Hemsedal Tourist Office, tel.: +47 3205 5030.
For accommodation in Hemsedal contact Hemsedal Booking tel.: +47 3205 5060.